All good gifts come from God. Our trust in God’s providence leads us to live out of a theology of abundance, not scarcity. Stewardship is about the faithful and generous use of all that has been given us. Acknowledging these blessings and sharing the gifts we first receive from God are part of being in Christian community, and in service, in Jesus’ name.

Our time, our talents, our monetary gifts support the life and ministry of Christ’s mission in the congregation, in the wider community, and on the global scene. In the developing, growing and building phase of this new congregation many people have been, and continue to be, generous in every way, supporting the mission of this congregation.


Our love of God is demonstrated in our service to our neighbour. Beyond ALL, this community also supports the mission and ministries of the MNO Synod, The Urban, Cameroon Companion Synod, Canadian Lutheran World Relief, NEST (refugee sponsorship), Luther Village, and various other ministries of the church and the world.

Abundant Life Lutheran Church could not thrive without the sharing of time and skills in the trades, the arts, administration, hospitality, encouragement, and leadership, elbow grease. Some of these gifts are visible and up front, many others are vital behind-the-scenes offerings.

The congregation is further enabled to serve and dream God’s dreams for the world, through monetary gifts. To assist with this, the Donate button on this website is a quick and easy way to make a donation anytime. Charitable donation receipts are issued for income tax purposes.