PAR Signup

To sign up for monthly offering via PAR please fill out and submit the PAR Authorization Form along with a void cheque to the ALL office using one of the following methods:


  • Digitally sign and email the form to office@abundantlifelutheran.ca with a digital copy of your void cheque;

  • Print the form and fill it in. Scan it and a void cheque and email them to office@abundantlifelutheran.ca;

  • Print the form and snail mail it and a void cheque to 3486 Raleigh St., East St. Paul, MB R2E 1B9.


Changes can be made at any time, by emailing office@abundantlifelutheran.ca, including changing the amount, stopping the remittance and changing banking information. Requests must be received by the office prior to the 8th of the month in order to be processed for that month."