3 Highlights from October Core Team Meeting
We like to share with our community some of the exciting points from our meetings. Here are the top 3 from October’s meeting:

1. A new administrative assistant has been hired and is being shared by ALL and PoP. We welcome Sandra Parra to our church communities and look forward to working with her.
2. A practicum student from Providence College in Otterburne, MB has been/will continue working with Pastor Jeremy volunteering a few hours a week with both our congregations to gain some experience for the next few weeks. Welcome to you Robin Dalloo.
3. Being Together. The Core Team is appreciative of being able to meet together on a regular basis; even if on Zoom, we are still together having wonderful discussions dealing with the business of ALL.

Girls at Outdoor Party

Want to get involved? We are looking for some people to assist with some
jobs on Sunday mornings. We will provide the training.
*Counting offering together with a council member after our services
*Working with our sound system to help our pastor and worship leaders sound
*Working with the slides/power point Sunday mornings at the service
*Communication phrases for our new exterior sign
*Interested on serving on the board of the NEST (North End Sponsorship
Team) They would love to continue the connection with ALL and are looking
for someone to be involved in this capacity.

If interested in any of the above, email the chair, Kim Scherger:


Teacher Helping Student