Reminder Abundant Life AGM
Sunday, February 7 2021 1:30pm
Reports and Zoom link will be resent this week

Hello ALL Members,
Attached are two items for upcoming Congregational Meetings:

1. Agenda for the Nominations and Elections Meeting on Sunday February 7, 2021, taking place just before the AGM at 1:30pm and

2. The Annual Report of Abundant Life Lutheran Church (now includes the MNO Synod report which wasn't available earlier), for the AGM taking place this Sunday February 7, 2021, following the Nominations and Elections Meeting, shortly after 1:30 pm.

The ALL AGM will be providing valuable information to the congregation regarding a Two Point Parish as we explore this with Prince of Peace Lutheran, will have an update of finances, a review of our past year and looking forward to the year ahead. It is very important that you attend so you can provide input. Bishop Jason Zinko will be our guest and will be available to answer questions related to a 2-Point Parish. 

Manitoba Health orders have restricted or limited gathering sizes and because of ongoing health risks, congregations will have online meetings this year. The recent health orders allows us to hold an electronic meeting because we are an incorporated entity. 

The meetings are taking place via the same Zoom link below. You can use one of many devices to connect; examples are: smartphone, iPad or other mobile tablet, most laptops or a desktop computer. The device will need to have a camera or microphone. You do not need to sign up for an account with Zoom in order to join the meeting.

Another option is to join the meeting by telephone. The phone number to call in with is below. You will need to state your name and if other members are with you upon joining the meeting so attendance can be taken. Numbers are indicated below to mute/unmute sound and raise your hand to ask a question.

Here is your link to use for computer or to call in:

ALL AGM - Sunday Feb 7/21
Time: Feb 7, 2021 01:30 PM Winnipeg
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 848 8122 2352
Passcode: 728570

Or phone locally at #204-272-7920
Meeting ID: 848 8122 2352
Passcode: 728570

We encourage you to sign in early at 1:00 pm to assist with any potential connection issues. 
If you are having trouble connecting, please try calling Wayne Irwin at 204.334.9653 or Brendan Kupiak 204-330-6962 or Kim Scherger at 204-979-1749 and we will assist you. 

Quorum is 25 people, so we ask you to mark your calendars now and join us for these meetings. 

As there is likely some nervousness about signing in/connecting to the zoom meeting (totally normal to feel this way) and as restrictions have lifted somewhat, perhaps consider having a family member or close friend (one of your 2 people in your bubble) assist you in signing in or perhaps go to their house to participate with them.

Helpful Zoom Tips
When you click on the zoom link, a dialogue box might appear asking if you want to allow this page to open "". Click "Allow".
You will then either be taken directly into the meeting or have a message appear that the host will admit you soon. If you get a message saying "Waiting for the host to start the meeting", just wait until the host logs in and you will then be admitted. If you are prompted for audio options, click the button that says "join with computer audio". 

Depending on the device you use, the meeting environment will look slightly different. To access the meeting controls on a mobile device, tap the screen once. On a computer or laptop, the meeting controls will appear when you move your mouse to the top or bottom of the screen. 

Mute/Unmute button - turns your microphone on or off. Please keep muted unless you are asking a question/speaking
Start Video/Stop Video - turns your camera on or off (stopping your video does NOT automatically mute your microphone.
Participants button - opens a sidebar that will allow you to see the names of people in the meeting and give you access to common actions in the meeting
Chat button - opens a sidebar that will allow you to type responses and communicate with everyone in the meeting. 
Reactions - symbols for quick visual reactions - thumbs up, clapping hands, etc.
Leave - press this when you want to leave the meeting.

Changing Your View
You can switch how participants are displayed on your screen. On a laptop or computer, move your mouse to the top right of your screen and click the "view" button. On an iPad, tap your screen once, then select the button on the left side of your screen that says "Switch to...view". There are two common layouts for viewing participants:

1. Gallery View allows you to see multiple people at the same time. On a computer or laptop you will see either 25 or 49 people at once (depending on your settings). On an iPad or other tablet, you will be able to see 16 people. If there are more participants than will fit on a single screen, additional screens are added and can be accessed by clicking/pressing the arrow keys on the side of the screen (< or >).
2. Active Speaker view will show the person speaking in a larger window and will automatically switch when someone else is speaking.

Telephone Users
If you are joining by telephone, you can mute/unmute yourself by pressing *6.
If you want to let the chairperson know you want to say something, you can "raise your hand" by pressing *9.

Best Practices for Participants
1. If you are new to Zoom, sign in to the meeting 5-10 minutes early so that you can troubleshoot any problems and make sure everything works as it should.
2. Always keep your microphone muted during the meeting when you are not speaking. It keeps background noise down and makes it easier for everyone to hear the meeting.
3. Make sure to use your proper name when signing in. This will help your council verify which voting members are present, and will ensure everyone knows who is in the meeting. Your name should appear in the bottom left hand corner of your image on the screen. If you need to change your name, click the “participants” button to open the sidebar. Find your name in the participant list, click on your name, click “more”, and select “rename”.
4. Secure voting through this platform only allows one vote per device. If you have multiple people in your home who are voting members, you will each need to sign into the meeting to cast votes or speak who is voting. 
5. ‘Virtual Backgrounds’ use more resources. Avoid using these so that everyone has a smoother meeting experience.

Thank you so much for continuing to be involved and support ALL in the life of our congregation. 

If you have any questions, please ask a member of the Core Team. 
Again, we want as many members as possible to connect with us at our AGM on Sunday February 7, 1:30 pm start.

Hope to "See" you there.

Kim Scherger
Chair, ALL